Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Top Ten Lessons From Blogging Your Way 1.0

Surrounded by Inspiration 
Last spring, I took Holly Becker's course Blogging Your Way, an interactive virtual class designed to help creatives enter the realm of blogging.  It was co- taught by Leslie Shrewing of A Creative Mint with a focus on photography and styling- fun, fun!

As I prepare to begin Blogging Your Way 2.0, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on what I learned from the first class.  There's an abundance of material, some technical and some inspirational. I'm going to focus on the inspirational piece here, if you want the super technical stuff take the class!

Top 10 Lessons from Blogging Your Way 1.0

Detail from my Mood Board, BYW 1.0
1. The most successful blogs have a focus. (Argh, is mine focused enough?)

2. We can not make perfect decisions, but we can make right decisions by identifying our goals/priorities and working towards them. I'm not a perfectionist, but have a hard time picking a focus b/c it's hard to narrow down all the possibilities b/c they are all so GREAT! (typical ENFP behavior)

3. Change takes proactive and innovative thinking. Decide to get off the hamster wheel of thought. In other words, don't stew- ACT.

4. Declare your niche market. (I still haven't exactly figured this one out yet. Dear reader, can you help??).

5. It's OK to write about topics that have been written about before (think magazines- they do this all the time) the key is to make it fresh by adding your perspective, voice, pictures, style.

Detail from my Mood Board, BYW 1.0
6. Conversely, look at the material that's out there and ask "WHAT'S MISSING" and how can I fill the void?

7. Less talk, more walk. Stop talking about what you want to do and start taking creative actions daily.

8. Surround yourself with what inspires you and lessen your exposure to everything that does not. (This is good advice in general, I'd say).

9. Instead of thinking in terms of "I like/dislike" think in terms of Why you like/dislike something, or Why does that certain thing inspire you? Takes you into a deeper, more meaningful place of discovery.

10. Keep at it.


Blogging Your Way 2.0What I'm hoping to Gain from Blogging Your Way 2.0 (starting June 1)
Co-taught by: Jeanette Lunde of BY FRYD and Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely

1. Connection with creative, like- minded entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, designers and fashionists.

2. A more focused idea of what my niche market is- who are you anyway???

3. Technical stuff like how to add those pretty little color palettes on photos and how to make cool collages like this one to your right.

4. How to connect with a wider audience and gain readership? Best forums for design, creative entrepreneurs?

5. Learn about the future of blogging/key trends & tips from the pros!

6. How to build a business  and market it with integrity.

7. How to build a brand. I think this is key.

8. Growing my readership in a way that still feels authentic to me.

9. Learn strategies to work in a way that's more efficient. Think "does this move me forward, or am I back on that hamster wheel again?".

10. ...

Most of all, I'm looking forward to being inspired by people I truly admire. 

Have you taken BYW? What did you learn? What do you HOPE to learn?


  1. Well said!
    The best thing I learned from Holly is to let my blog be the catalyst to live my best life!

    See you in BYW 2.0!!

  2. I loved BYW and need to go back and review it.
    Thanks for reminding me.

  3. Yes Mary, I agree totally. It's a very Oprah thing isn't it. I love O.
    Hi Glenda, are you taking BYW 2.0 as well?

  4. How exciting that you have a TV show! 'See you' on Friday at BYW!


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