Saturday, July 14, 2012

Corazon del Mar in Nantucket

We arrived at Corazon del Mar to find a personalized menu, just for The Desha Show! Iyla even had her own dish, her favorite calamari!  After spending over two hours dining at the best Latin seafood place on the island and beyond, I realized I needed to dedicate a whole post to this amazing experience, so here goes!

You can't do a cultural travel show without talking about food, and that's not a problem for me, as I LOVE to eat! Our local guides, Juliette, Dominque and Mark Sutherland, highly recommended a visit to their favorite spot, and I have to say our dining expereince at Corazon del Mar was a highlight during our Nantucket adventure. Described as a "Latin love letter to food", Corazon takes the best flavors from the Latin world and melds them into a modern blend of pure delight. The decor is reminiscent of the bright colors of Mexico inspired by the art and life of Frida Kahlo (we love her). Make sure and try the famous KRACK sauce. Um, yea it's addictive. 

Scallop Aguachile
cucumber, jalapeno, avocado, salsa macha

Traditional starters also include guacamole and salsa
 fresh and delicious

Chef's Ceviche & Raw Bar Selections
Lobster Tostada
Scallop Aguachile
Oysters de la Noche

Appetizers from the Kitchen
Chicken Mole Lettuce Cups
Chilaquiles Verdes, "Druken Mexican Nachos"
Padron Peppers 

Just for Iyla
Chicharron de Calamar

Principal Plates
Crisp Tomatillo Pork Carnitas
Tecate Battered Fish Tacos
Lobster & Littleneck Moqueca

Traditional Mexican Churros
Passionfruit Mousse

Local guide Dominique at  Corazon del Mar enjoys Oysters de la Noche with the famous KRACK sauce
Our lovely hostess Katie Foringer (isn't she pretty in this floral maxi dress!)
I love the attention to detail Corazon puts into every aspect of the dining experience.
Who doesn't want a personalized menu? 
Chicken Mole Lettuce Cups
Antonio's mole poblano, crema, sesame seeds
Owner/Chef Seth Raynor explains the inspiration behind Corazon del Mar
This was one of my fav's: Lobster Tostada
aji amarillo, avocado, citrus crema
Signature cocktail: Flor DeCana Daquiri
4yr anejo rum, fresh lime + turbinado simple
I could drink a case of it. 
Iyla had her own dish on the menu, Chicharron de Calamar,
but those little fingers snapped them up before I could even get a pic!
Another FAV: Lobster & Littleneck Moqueca
Lobster broth, coconut rice, yuca fritters
To finish: Traditional Mexican Churros and Passionfruit Mousse
Pure Heaven
Stay tuned for the next episode of The Desha Show where you'll see much more of Corazon del Mar. Until then, a hardy THANK YOU to owner/chef Seth Raynor and Katie Foringer for an unforgettable dining experience!

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