Thursday, July 19, 2012

Introducing: My Little Bratteboro & The Farmers' Masquerade

Watch the Farmers' Masquerade Video to see more pics!

I’m happy to write my first piece here on Brattleborology where I’ll focus on the art, culture, style and unique events that make this place SHINE!  I thought it appropriate to start by covering one of the most creative and fun events of the year, The Farmers’ Masquerade, created by local photographer and event planner, Elle James.

The Farmers’ Masquerade took place in a traditional red barn in Southern Vermont and the setting was spectacular, in that Vermont rustic soulful way. The lights were strung, ethnic fabrics floated in mid-air, light poured in through the cracks as the masked guests arrived and swayed to the sounds of bluegrass.

Three Chicks Farm

Homemade Photo Booth
1. Tell me about the Farmers' Masquerade, where did the idea come from?
I recently moved onto a beautiful old farm with two other ladies and coined the nickname Three Chicks Farm.  The property has a gorgeous old barn and I began fantasizing about having a party there.  Living in Vermont there are few opportunities to get dressed up, and I wanted to throw a party that not only had a theme, but encouraged people to dress up.  But of course being in a barn, it had to have a rustic element to it.  That's how I came up with Farmer's Ball,  which didn't seem specific enough and led to the very exciting idea of a Farmers' Masquerade!

2. What was the highlight of the evening?
There were so many great things about the night; but I would have to say either the great live Bluegrass music by Jonn Davis and Six Feet Deep or the homemade photo booth.  

3. I've been to lots of your parties and there is always this beautiful essence,  how do you achieve this magical presence with your events?
"Magic" is a perfect word for what I try to create.  A beautiful presentation is key.  With this event in particular I think the magic was in the details; vintage bottles filled with wild flowers lined the food table, the barn was bedazzled with white lights, which added sparkle.  The guests, from young mothers with babies on their hips, to a fun and feisty 84 yr old, added to the diversity of the event.  It was a potluck where everyone brought beautiful food and the DIY photo booth was unique, providing memorable keepsakes!

4. You are an incredibly creative person by nature, how do you throw such amazing events on a tight budget?
In order not to use plastic or disposable dishes or utensils,  I collected forks, dishes and glassware from the Swap Shop at the dump. Along with being eco-friendly, the dishes and glassware add to the charm and unique ambiance.  I find retro looking items at discount food stores and I love treasure hunting for unusual things that add beauty and texture, especially vintage fabrics.

5. What's next for Elle?
I am currently taking clients for creative portrait photography and event planning. I can be contacted at while my website is under construction. 

Thanks Elle for an amazing event and interview! xo Desha

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  1. Looks like great fun! I love the pic of the "photo booth".


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