Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fashion Tea Party Pics!

A couple of weeks ago, I hosted aFashion Tea Party for Stasia Savasuck, a personal shopper and thrift store junkie. Stasia has a unique business model which includes private closet consultations and Fashion Thrift Parties, like the one I hosted. Read more about how Stasia is following her dreams here.  
 The party was awesome, with lots of local gals sharing tea, treats and stories. 

And of course, there were the clothes! If you are looking at these pics and feel sad you couldn't come, you should contact Stasia and host your own party (you get a free oufit for hosting, BTW!)

                                        Everything is better with tea.

Stasia, Personal Thrift Shopper

                        Julia, wearing one of Stasia's finds

                                                     Tessa finds the best pink sweater!

Janet in her new stylish trench.

Stocking Up!
The Wares

Timberly and friend take a shopping break for tea

Thanks to all who attended our Fashion Tea Party, it was lovely to see old friends and meet some new folks, too~ If you are interested in a closet consult or in hosting your own fashion party, contact Stasia directly at

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