Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thrift Fashion Party!

Hello and how are you today?

I'm excited because this Sunday I'm hosting a fashion party at my house in support of a fellow Fire Starter and personal shopper, Stasia Savasuk. Stasia is a fine example of someone taking their passion and turning it into a business and I LOVE that! If you'd like to join us for some fun and fashion, please RSVP at our Facebook Event Page or send me an email- deshapeacock@hotmail.com

Stasia's Story
My name is Stasia Savasuk.  I've been a thrift shopper all my life, but only recently has it become an obsession of sorts.  I simply can't get enough, and I find myself scouring through jammed racks of color coded shirts and disorganized bins several times a week, at various thrift stores throughout Vermont and New England.  I've come to know, through experience, that if I wait long enough, I will find just about anything that I want at a thrift store, for a mere percentage of the actual retail cost. 

You know how friends will often compliment you on a nice piece of jewelry, nice shoes, or a sweet pair of jeans.  Well, I simply love saying, "Thank you, this entire outfit cost me $9."  I'm not shy about stuff like that.
Well, over the years, friends have asked me to shop for them.  I wasn't much into the idea because I always felt badly if I bought something that they didn't like, which left one of us to deal with the unwanted item.  But after a while, I thought... wait a second, perhaps I COULD do this for people.  If I shopped for lots of people, then it wouldn't matter if somebody didn't like something I purchased, because I could see if somebody else wanted it.  I was onto something.  Perhaps I could be a personal thrift shopper!  I just loved the idea... especially for the many moms I knew that didn't have the means to run over to Anthropolgie or J.Crew to buy $300 worth of new clothing, nor do they have the time, patience or will to do what I do... scour through racks of color coded, sometimes stinky clothing - for that one in a thousand gem.  I don't see it as a chore, but as an adventure.  A thrill.  I've been brought to tears (I'm a little embarrassed to admit) when I've found something at a thrift store that is simply fabulous. 

Say NO to FRUMP!
For years, I've been frumpy.  My frumpy-ness went through the roof after my daughter was born.  I've worn clothes that didn't fit right, were all the wrong color, and really never fit my style.  The style that I wanted was WAY out of my reach fiscally.  So, my style became whatever I could find on the sale rack at Old Navy or if I was lucky, GAP.  But then, I started thrifting in earnest.  I now wear brands and styles that I've always loved, that feel perfectly ME.  I only buy things that are exactly what I want... the right color, the right fit, the right style, the right price.  Although I may have to search high and low for the right piece - I know it's out there, it's cheap, and it just needs to be found.  There is something to feeling good in the clothes you wear.  It puts a little bounce in your step.  And as Danielle Laporte says in her book, The Fire Starter Sessions, "When you feel good, you act smarter."  And who doesn't want to act a little smarter!

Good for the Environment, Good for YOU
You combine this with my ecology background, and thrifting makes perfect sense.  Just about everything I own is second hand... right down to the furniture in my house.  I recycle/upcycle, I compost, I only buy second hand... my global "stuff" impact is minimal, and that feels good.  I feel proud!  AND - at the end of the day, I've got a little room in my budget to support local non-profits that are doing good work in my community.  And, that feels good too.  

Overcoming Self-Doubt
First came the idea.  Then came the self doubt.  Is the idea a good one?  Will others think it's silly?  I can't do this... I'm just a mom and wife with a regular old job and I don't do stuff like this.  I'm ordinary.  But, it's been a year and I can't shake the idea.  Every time I think about it, I get excited!  What if...

What If? The Art of Imagination
What if I became a personal shopper?  What would it look like?  Would I do closet consultations with clients, where I find out what they want/need/look good in - and shop from there?  Would I create style menus?  Would I shop for men, too?  Would I just have folks over to my house to check out my inventory when they're feeling like they need new clothes?  

Start Small
I started small, with a fashion party at my home. I priced and displayed all the clothing, invited over a bunch of girl friends, served food and drink - and celebrated! I called the event, Fashion Friday.  I received great encouragement and feedback. And now, I'm having my second fashion party, and it's being hosted by Desha Peacock on September 23rd.  I've been shopping for months, and have bundles of clothes to sell. I focus on high quality clothing that is in excellent condition. Brands like:  J.Crew, Banana Republic, Patagonia, GAP, Horny Toad, JOE'S jeans, Isis, Seven for All Man Kind, Ann Taylor, Lucky.  The list goes on.  

Now, I'm in the process of getting serious, and am starting to answer some of my own questions of HOW.  

If you would like me to personally thrift shop for you, or would be interested in hosting your own fashion party, or have any ideas for me, you may contact me at stasiasavasuk@gmail.com

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