Saturday, September 1, 2012

Garden Design by Dot

Dot's Shade Garden
Today, on My Little Brattleboro, I would like to introduce Dot Lenhart, gardener extraordinaire! I love home architecture and it's amazing how a garden can change the aesthetic of your exterior. I've been walking past Dot's home garden for the last few years, admiring it and watching it grow (often quite jealous). Gardening is a form of art, and Dot's landscape is a fine example of how a garden can enhance the beauty of your home. While summer is simmering down, it's a good time to think about your garden design for next year, so contact Dot if you need some great advice. I plan to!

Dot, I often walk by your house so I can see your gorgeous garden. What led you to garden professionally?
Plants have been my biggest continual interest since I was a small child. Once my children grew to school age, I was searching for a career. Friends and professionals alike encouraged me to put my passion for gardening into a business, and I have been in the business for about 20 years now. 

What's your favorite thing about your own garden/ garden design?
Well, I have two favorite areas of my current gardens. I have been in love with my shade garden since I created it, even though it presents me with some challenges. It's wonderful how our gardens teach us. Secondly, I adore the shrub garden I am creating in front of my house. I have always focused primarily on perennials, so this garden is refreshing to me. Okay, third area - the Day Lily border!

Day lily Border

What colors, textures inspire you in outdoor design?

I used to be a 'pastel person' as far as gardening, so it's interesting how I've moved into saturated colors. I like to mix up the textures for interest so that the garden doesn't have to rely on color alone to be attractive. I've also learned the value of white in a garden.

You are starting a new outdoor design business, right? What are your services and where can we find you?

Front Garden off the Porch

I am indeed starting a new business, Dot Lenhart Garden Design and Consultation. I am offering garden design and consultation services, garden coaching for people who want to learn about gardening, and classes/seminars for groups interested in lectures on garden topics. 
I can be reached at 802-257-6917, or

Do you love Dot's garden? Let her know in the comments below~

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