Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yoga & Sailing in the British Virgin Islands

Please welcome guest blogger

Diana Whitney: Yogi, Writer and International Traveling Star!

I love September— golden light pouring like honey over the apple orchards.  Autumn sunlight is a precious elixir.  If I could I’d bottle it and drink it like medicine, store it away to nourish me through the dark winter days to come.

I love September’s crisp nights, brilliant stars, morning mist giving way to warm afternoons. I feel energized by the snap in the air, foretelling new projects and commitments, the excitement of a fresh start.

But if September is my love story, November is a somber drama, full of endings and goodbyes.  Every year I brace myself for the time change, the dark at 5 o’clock like a window slamming shut.  I get the light box out of the basement, go for brisk walks at midday, take my vitamin D, and even consider a higher dose of Lexapro.  My doctor says I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and need to take care not to slip into a light-deprived depression.  Since I’m a yoga teacher, I plan my classes around the seasons and teach and practice more heart-opening postures.  My favorite?  Lying on a block in supported Fish pose to open the chest and the 4th chakra, one way to prevent the shut-down (physical, emotional) that can happen in winter.

Yoga, exercise, artificial light and vitamin supplements are all well and good, even essential.  But the best antidote for the winter blues is to follow the sun, leave the Northern darkness to bask in tropical heat.  The last time I escaped like this was five years ago (on a family trip to St John with my wonderful and generous mother).  Finally, this year, I’m making it happen again, leading a weeklong YOGA & SAILING RETREAT to the British Virgin Islands!

We still have spots open on the trip, which has just been discounted to $1400.  The all-inclusive rate covers food, drinks, lodging aboard a luxury sailboat, and all yoga instruction.  From November 10-17 we’ll sail the turquoise waters of the BVI and practice vinyasa yoga (all-levels welcome) on the beach every morning.  We’ll travel and sleep on the boat, departing from Tortola and stopping at Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, Norman Island, Anegada, and other Caribbean jewels.

What would it take to entice you to join us? The BVI offers unparalleled sailing in sheltered seas.  If you like, our captain will give you complimentary lessons– no sailing experience required. You can explore pristine beaches, quiet villages, eclectic shops, luxury resorts, and beachside bars.  I plan to get off the beaten path and hike the lush, green mountains of the islands and snorkel above the magnificent coral reefs teeming with sea life.

If you’re curious, please contact me for more information at  diana@coreflowyoga.com  or go directly to The Sailing Collective to learn more and register for this unique adventure.
This year I’m turning my tropical escape fantasies into reality.  I hope you can join us to soak up the healing sunlight and beat the November blues!

DIANA WHITNEY is a writer and yoga teacher with over 12 years experience teaching dynamic, compassionate yoga to students of all ages and abilities. 

She has taught at the Wanderlust yoga festival and owns CORE FLOW YOGA & SPORT in Brattleboro, VT, where she and her husband Tim Whitney offer classes, workshops, and retreats in vinyasa yoga, core conditioning, rowing, sculling, cross-country skiing, and more. She also pens Spilt Milk,  a funny take on the joys & perils of motherhood.
Thanks Diana for guest blogging today, your trip sounds amazing, way to beat those November Blues!
xo Desha


  1. Thanks for the post. Great pictures too.

  2. I need a vacation .. baaaaaad. This sounds like heaven. What a treat to give yourself. Looks like it will be an amazing trip.
    Desha, your blog rocks. Love what you are doing here. Seriously. LOVE!
    Hope all is well with you. : )

  3. Oh my, Karla, so nice to see your face here! It's beeen awhile, can't wait to pop over to your world and catch up a bit. thank you for your comment! xoxo Desha


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