Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Artist Series: Take 5 Daniel Kornguth

Episode 2 of The Desha Show featuring artist Daniel Kornguth is coming May 15, until then, here's a sneak peek of Daniel and his work. Please support Daniel in his deep desire to publish his first comic book, click here to donate NOW!

"For the last year I have been working on a comic book. As it nears completion, I am starting to explore my options for publication. To facilitate this endeavor, I have launched a Kickstarter.com campaign.

Kickstarter is a web site which hosts creative projects, e.g., visual art, theater, comics, dance, film, photography and inventions, and enables them to “crowd fund” or raise capitol by reaching out to a wide range of people and accepting donations as small as a dollar (there is no upper limit for donations). It is a pretty exciting concept because it means that, for the cost of a cup of coffee or a lunch, an individual can contribute to and support a creative endeavor.

The money I raise will enable me to finish production, print, distribute and promote my first comic. There are a host of incentives for various levels of investment. I hope you take a second to check out my project.

Any contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference. Please don’t hesitate to pass this message along, press “like” on the facebook link, or spread the word via any medium (smoke signals, semaphore, morse code, the interwebs). Thanks for helping me create my first comic.

Please support Daniel in his deep desire to publish his first comic book, click here to donate NOW!

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