Thursday, May 19, 2011

"i'm going to put you in Jail, with no food. no water. no plants."

You are going to be seeing lots of flowers, trees, and landscape this time of year because I absolutely am in love with Vermont in the spring/summer. To emphasize this point, I leave you with a quote my daughter said to me today that seriously cracked me up.

"mom, i'm going to put you in jail with no food. no water. and no plants." 


  1. your daughter is adorable.

    and that first picture of you is sooo dreamy.

  2. these are great pictures Desha .. you are so inspiring! i hope you will do a post on how to put together a cool outfit like you have on .. i'll be in the front row taking notes! : )

  3. thanks Karla- I do love clothes!

  4. beautiful photos and your little one is adorable! i love the changing seasons - we are onto Winter here in Sydney...


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