Friday, May 6, 2011

If You Want Something, Give It

This morning I woke up feeling some doubt and needed a nudge to let me know I'm still on the right track.  On the way home from dropping off my daughter at school, I stopped and said "please give me a sign". 

A few minutes later when I arrived home, I found another great review of the interview with Suzanne Kingsbury, by Mayumi Shimosepoe... 

Mayumi says, ""LOVED this interview, took away lot of gems about how to be more proactive at creating that sweet spot for myself, but I also had a single moment's pause." 

Mayumi brings up the point that it's hard to live somewhere between your dream and reality. How well do I know, I'm living that now. 

But, she leans towards Suzanne's advice,  "If you want to receive something--I wanted to receive the feeling again of bliss--then give it, you know? And you will eventually ... receive what you want."

One thing that I've been struggling with lately is feeling strapped financially. I've had very good luck in my life manifesting prosperity and I know the law of attraction works. My problem has been that I've been spending too much time worrying about money, even though, REALLY I am fine. In Rhonda Byrne's book "The Power" she tells the story of when she was making the film "The Secret". She was in big debt and needed lots of cash to make the project work. 

So, she did exactly what Suzanne did (giving it, to receive it), she went to the ATM and took out a load of cash on her credit card and handed $50 to strangers on the street. Now, that takes some faith. But, she did it with intention. She purposefully gave out money to those she was called to give to. Three days later, she received $25,000 in her bank account from an investment she made years prior that seemed worthless, but whose shares unexpectedly skyrocketed in value.

Does this mean we should all go empty our bank accounts and see if we can instantly become millionaires? If you'd like to try this, be my guest and let me know if it works. 
For me, I like to start small to build faith :) 

Although my budget is as tight as a walrus wearing a size A-cup bra.... I'm going to give two small donations this week-  $20 to my buddy Eddy who's riding his bike across VT to raise money for my daughters school, and $20 to Daniel Kornguth's kickstarter campaign to publish his first comic. (Sorry guys, I wish this could be a cool grand, but you gotta start somewhere, right?)

So, let's see what happens when I give away what I hope to receive. Ironically, my daughter found $20 in the dirt yesterday, so I'm already half way there. 

Would you like to join me in this exercise? 
What can you give that you'd like to receive?

To read more about Mayumi, visit her blog at:


  1. "As tight as a walrus wearing an A-cup bra?" That's good.

  2. Oh my goodness, that story about the $25K coming back to her made chills run up my spine. I think this is such an intriguing question. In my mind I have to wonder if it's even "okay" to give charitably while hoping for something in return {do we pick that up from church and school as children?} ... but then I think, it's still giving. Giving is giving, period. Even if you hope to score from it. And perhaps some of those folks who received 50 bucks from the filmmaker, had a real revelation or turnaround. Maybe it gave them more than she could have imagined. Who knows?
    I hope my comment is coming across in a good light here ... I fear sometimes that what I am trying to say doesn't come across in the good faith way that I intend. Bottom line: GREAT question you've posed. I'm tempted to try it {but on a smaller scale as you suggest}. Loving your blog Desha ... you inspire me to write with courage.

  3. Hey Karla, I think you're right about the morals of giving IN ORDER TO receive. We should give to give, without expecting to receive.

    Yet, I do believe in the Law of Attraction, Karma and so on- and it goes both ways. For example, I spent about 3 hrs complaining to my mother in law about my husband one night. The next day I got a fat speeding ticket- mother in law and husband were in the car. My daughter asked, "why did we get a ticket?" I said, "consequences".

    I encourage you to try it- give joyfully and then just see what happens and let me know!

  4. So did your investment pan out? :)

  5. ha ha- yes it did- in a BIG way. I think it's time to share the news... pretty soon, that is~


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