Thursday, May 26, 2011

A little update

What's happening with The Desha Show?

I thought you might want a little update of how my 12 month experiment is going so far. You might recall that my first post described how I would make a TV show based on the things I love: fashion, art, overall creativity and inspirational stories.

I started off with grand plans of a 30 minute show with a million different elements, including HOT DANCE, thus I had an amazing dance contest to find the best dancers in the area. What an amazing event that was! Since then, the show has morphed into a short series of interviews where I incorporate dance where I see fit. It's been an incredible learning process. Have you ever tried to make a TV show with no previous experience, and no money? ha! It's been a pretty fun and interesting challenge for sure!

Indeed it would be easy (well, easier...) to pull off a great show with a big budget and team of people, but hey, you gotta start somewhere- and at least I'm STARTING.

Here's some good news since I began this experiment-

1. The other day my brother asked me when the show was airing on TV, and I kinda laughed and said I didn't know. I don't really bother to take notice since I don't OWN a TV and really, no body I know has one either. I just hand in the DVD to the station and they play it whenever they want, so imagine my shock and awe when real people, like my neighbor,  tell me they saw it on TV!

2. I took Holly Becker's Blogging Your Way class where I met my "tribe" of super cool artists and designers. I'm finding much inspiration and support from this new found community of talented women.

Beth from Do What You Love
3. I found someone who has similar interests to glean inspiration from on the website Do What You Love, by Beth Nicholls.  I feel honored to be featured on her blog this Monday and I'm so excited to share an interview I had with Beth here on the same day!  Come check it out on Monday.

3. My TV show is now being shown on 3 local stations! BCTV (Brattleboro Community Television),
GCTV in Greenfield, MA and MCTV in Montague, MA- ssooo close to MTV!

4. I applied for a Vermont Arts Council grant which would help the ole' pocketbook, please send me good vibes (will know in Aug), or if you know someone on the board- well, you know what to do... or better yet, if you have money- gimme some. :)

Robin MacArthur

5. I acquired a fantastic editor, Robin MacArthur, amazing writer and singer in my favorite band Red Heart the Ticker and a great intern who's filming, Melinda T, also known as Pinecone. although she's back in Brooklyn for the summer. Need another one, if your interested.

6. And finally, even though I'm producing shows slower than I thought, and everything is harder than I thought....and I'm broke as hell,  I'm still hangin' in there, and actually I'm diggin it. It's fun.  And it feels good.  Although I can't get all my creative ideas out on film yet, I'm really enjoying the blog as a creative outlet, too.
Marshall Jarreau and Luminz Dance Studio Owner, Aurora Corsano
Photo by Jeff Woodward

And so, WHAT'S NEXT? In the near future, look for Episode 3 featuring VERY HOT and oh so wonderful Dancer and Circus Extraordinaire, Mr. Marshall Jarreau.

Also, on the blog front, we'll  hear from Ms. Erin Lorenzen, a cutey pie fashion designer from my home town of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Erin Lorenzen, Fashion Designer 

In the interiors department, you'll see another super duper cute VT apartment, occupied by the manager of the one and only ALTIPLANO, one of my very fav stores in town.

Stay tuned.

xoxo desha


  1. Love this Desha: a tallying that looks and sounds pretty damn promising and good!

  2. Excellent job, Miss Desha! Kudos to you for sticking with everything, and doing what you love. I have complete and total faith in the fact that all you have done is totally going to pay off. You should be very proud of yourself, little one!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for your grant!
    Take care,
    xo Deirdre


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