Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Desha Show: Episode 2

Presenting episode 2 of The Desha Show featuring Renaissance man, Mr. Daniel Kornguth with special dance guests Artis Cummings and Nicholas Harris.

The Desha Show: Episode 2 Daniel Kornguth & Hot Dancers! from Desha Peacock on Vimeo.

Please take a moment and support Daniel in his kickstarter campaign, click below.


  1. If Daniel is your biggest fan, then I'm a strong second. Especially after watching this newest interview. I can see why you would want to interview him ... he's a real artist.. really living it and breathing it, and I am absolutely in awe of that. His work and comments make me think. I would enjoy meeting him to talk about art .. he's an inspiration.
    I'm all revved up as this was just what I needed this morning to give me some clarity about my own purpose and direction which seems to be ever changing. Please keep the interviews coming Desha .. one of these days I'll be saying I knew you when.

  2. Karla, tonight Daniel and some friends came over and I read your comment to him, and then we watched his interview together over tea and cookies~
    It's so nice for an artist who is putting themselves out there to be recognized, so thank you for watching and for your kind words of encourgement~

  3. Yeah! It's funded! It's OVER FUNDED!!!!!! Congrats to Daniel, living his dream and getting the cash to back it!


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